ACSyracuse Joins Forces with RieraSport of Barcelona, Spain

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

ACSyracuse has mutually agreed to a partnership with RieraSport of Barcelona, Spain. The clubs goal is to create a bridge and an opportunity for training, evaluation, learning and development. Partnering will offer RieraSport an increased presence in the U.S, Canada, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Turkey markets. The hope and expectation is to create a player exchange in the U.S between ACSyracuse and RieraSport. ACSyracuse and RieraSport plan to expand activities into the countries of the United States, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey and Canada this year.

Get to know RieraSport:

RieraSport was created to help soccer players, from the age of 14 until 25 who would like to experience of playing and living in Barcelona, Spain. This program ensures that these players get the development they seek and the benefits of what any national player in Spain receives. Players will have the opportunity to compete in a regional league and friendly games and tournaments, giving them the chance to compete and be seen.

Oscar Riera. Photo Credit: MundoDeportivo

RieraSport was created and managed by Oscar Riera. Riera is an expert in sports management and the development of projects. He developed RieraSport to use his professional experience and knowledge to help young players from all over to help them grow and achieve their goals.

Riera's program has reached multiple continents and have stretched to 26 total academies across the globe. With 26 academies, it has developed over 8000 players.

RieraSport Prides themselves in the development of their Football Programs

- Training and Competition

- Team Experience

- Summer Camp

- Minors

RieraSport is divided into four different programs.

- Team Experience (All Ages)

- Conferences

- Evaluation

- Friendly Matches

- Individual Training

- Training and Competition Program (19-25 years old)

- 35+ Matches

- Minors Program (14-19 years old)

- Training and Competition

- Full Season

- Summer Camp (8-16 years old)

- Team Training

- Individual Training

- Friendly Matches

- Evaluation

RieraSports also gives the opportunity to continue your studies in Barcelona, Spain. Players can take multiple different study routes such as Spanish courses, a University, as well as working towards ones coaching license.

Make Sure to Check out RieraSport on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @rierasport.

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